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A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The assets contained in this package are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid and they are designed to allow for a wide range of variants. This pack, and the rest of the same BLUE series, are compatible with each other and will be updated with extra content from time to time for free once purchased.

Compatible Packs:

🏙️ City Street Tileset Pack
🏥 Hospital Tileset Pack
🌳 Forest Tileset Pack

More to come...

Perfectly suited for:

  • Point-and-click
  • Story driven by exploration
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Cinematic platformer
  • Graphic adventure

Tileset Pack Content

This tileset comes in .PNG format and includes 9 tileset sheets:

  • Walls/Background:
    • 20+ types of wall designs including different patterns and colors.
    • A wall plug, a switch and a ceiling fan.
    • 50% opacity shadows that allow you to create a stronger 3D feeling in your scenes.
    • 2 type of doors (including opened/closed states)
  • Living Room:
    • A Television (front and back view) and several framed pictures.
    • A sofa (allowing tile repetitions for longer versions), an armchair, chairs, stools.
    • Tables (allowing different lengths)
    • Props such as a piano, a wall calendar, books, phone, lamps, pots, carpet, a blanket, etc.
  • Kitchen:
    • Cabinets (including opened/closed states and different formation possibilities)
    • Several home appliances: refrigerator, microwave, oven, toaster, dishwasher, etc  (including opened/closed/full/empty states).
    • A sink, a cooker hood, a bin (including opened/closed/full/empty states), etc.
    • Several props such as glass jars, casserole pots, coffee maker, mug, salt shaker, glasses, pans, cutting board, etc.
    • Wooden tables (with and without tablecloth)
  • Bathroom:
    • Several mirror shapes and formations.
    • Bath mat, towel rack, bathroom shelving, trash can (including opened/closed/full/empty states)
    • Tub and shower plate (including opened/closed states)
    • A sink and a toilet with toilet paper (including a version without paper)
    • Props such as candles, a tissue box, different bathroom bottles, toothbrush, etc.
  • Laundry Room:
    • Tools like a dryer and an iron with its ironing board (including two poses)
    • Props such as a laundry basket, bleach, detergent, wicker box, hanger, etc.
    • A folding table.
    • A washer.
  • Office:
    • Bookshelf with and without books.
    • A bulletin board (including several papers and notes)
    • Office chairs, a desk, tall filing cabinets, etc.
    • Electronic tools such as a computer, a laptop, a printer, a mobile phone, etc.
    • A desk and a desk lamp.
    • Props such as an electric guitar, a trash can, a pencil cup, sound monitors, etc.
  • Parents Room:
    • Bed (including front and side views) and 2 bedside tables.
    • Wardrobe (including opened/closed states) with clothes inside and objects above it.
    • Lamp, flower pot, framed picture, etc.
    • A wall framed picture, a tall mirror, an ottoman, etc.
  • Kids Room:
    • Props such as an alarm clock, a colored lamp, a console with games cartridges, a doll, a skateboard, sports balls, rubik cube, etc.
    • Wardrobe (including opened/closed states) with clothes inside and objects above it.
    • Bed (including front and side views) and 3 bedside tables.
    • Table, chairs and a window with curtains.
    • 3 wall posters, a basket, etc.
  • Garage:
    • Paperboard boxes (including opened/closed states)
    • Car (with or without boxes inside)
    • Tools such as a rake, a broom, a shovel, a lawnmower and a wheelbarrow.
    • An empty shelf, a table (including different formations) and a workbench.
    • A big tire, a ladder, paint cans, a fire extinguisher, etc
    • A toolbox (including opened/closed/full/empty states)

And much more...


Short Info: You can edit and use the assets for commercial products. You can't redistribute the assets directly or use them to make a logo/trademark.

Full Info: GameDev Market Pro Licence

About BLUE Pack Series

All my blue packs are compatible with each other. You can mix  them to create even more unique locations. The possibilities are almost endless. Play around with exteriors and interiors, different terrains, props, characters, environments, and much more. Create your own world and story!

How will you know if a pack is part of the BLUE series? Once downloaded, look at the footer color and text description at the bottom of each tileset sheet, there it is specified which of the series the pack belongs to.

A long list of BLUE packs are already in the works. Stay tuned!

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In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

mp_house_interiors_tileset_pack_v1.0.zip 572 kB

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Love this! It's giving me Sim Tower vibes. Do you recommend any NPC character packs that might go well with your art style?

These are nice! They seem very good for small funny games (and maybe for big ones too, but I think it fits well a simple small game). I love the style, it would be really nice if there was a top down version of this tile set. Also I like the colors, they are warm and bright and don't make too much contrast. Hope I can get some money and buy it some day (even if I don't have any plans for it, I'd like to have it ^v^).

(1 edit)

Hi! Thanks for your comment, we're glad you like the tileset. Hopefully someday you will make a game using it, it would be a pleasure to see our tilesets in your games. 

At the moment we are focused on creating more side-view tilesets, but top-down is also part of our plans 🙂


Hey bro any chance you can provide the svg files? Im having problem scaling it :S

Hi! These assets are not in a vector format. You can scale up without losing quality by setting the interpolation method (also called "resample") to "Nearest Neighbor". That is how pixel art can be scaled up and down without losing quality, keeping the hard edges we all love :) You can do this using Photoshop or any other image editor software out there.

Let us know if this solved your problem.

Kind regards

Thank you, that solved my problem! Love your art!


Is this a one time release or do you plan on upgrading these tilesets from time to time with additional content?

Yes, we're working on updating them 🙂 We will include new objects and extend, polish and improve the assets as much as possible. Also, we're about to release more tilesets packs 100% compatible with the ones we have in the shop already.

We share our latest news on www.twitter.com/muchopixels or www.instagram.com/muchopixels.

Thanks for your interest!


Neat! I hope we can see some office or commercial style themes or even sci fi at some point. Thanks for the reply!

Hello, I have used your asset in my game. added your name to the credits. If you don't want me to use your resources, I can delete the assets. (Sorry for the translation)

Steam Ä°tch Moddb


Hi! You can use our assets in your projects without any problem. That's the purpose of making them, to allow developers create projects with them :)  

Your game looks awesome! Congrats for the release :) And thanks for sharing it with us. We will share it with our followers soon. Thanks for credit us in your game, we really appreciate it.


Do you have intention to joint the winter sale? I would love to wishlist this asset for later sale but can't do that on Itch.io it seems.

(1 edit)

Hi, sorry for the late reply! We are not going to do a winter sale, sorry. Black Friday sale was our last sale of this year on Itchio :) Cheers!


Can you send me for free pls =(


Is there any Floor tiles?

Hi! The floor is actually the base/bottom line of every wall pattern. As this tileset is meant to build house interiors, if you fill the exterior with any color (I suggest a dark one),  the base of the wall patterns included will work as the ground/floor of the rooms. Like seen in the screenshot examples, where I filled the exterior with color #1a1932. 

We have another tileset pack that is fully compatible with this one: City Street Tileset Pack. You can build buildings walls with it (and many other street environments). In these buildings, you can "paint" the interiors included in this House Interiors Pack. Just in case you are looking for a full building look. Here you have an example.


Thank you!

Deleted 2 years ago

Yes! You can use the assets for your commercial projects/games and release them on any platform. That's the main objective of these assets, help you make (commercial or personal) games. The only thing that the license does not allow to do, in a simple way, is to  redistribute the assets directly (in other words: re-selling the assets in stores by your own) or use them to make a logo/trademark.  

We would love to see the games you make using our assets, don't hesitate to share them with us! :)

Do you do any custom work?

At the moment, I am not taking commissioned jobs. I'm sorry. I will notify when commissions are open on Instagram and Twitter. Cheers!