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A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The assets contained in this package are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid and they are designed to allow for a wide range of variants. This pack, and the rest of the same BLUE series, are compatible with each other and will be updated with extra content from time to time for free once purchased.

Compatible Packs:

📺 House Interiors Tileset Pack 

🌳 Forest Tileset Pack

🏥 Hospital Tileset Pack 

💀 Horror Mansion Tileset Pack

🕯️ Dungeon Tileset Pack

More to come...

Perfectly suited for:

  • Cinematic platformer
  • Action platformer
  • Point-and-click
  • Graphic adventure
  • Story driven by exploration
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Beat-em-up

Tileset Pack Content

This tileset comes in .PNG format and includes 6 tileset sheets:

  • Background:
    • 3 types of background, skyline, stars and colored clouds (suited for day, afternoon and night moods)
  • Doors & Windows:
    • 5 types of windows (+several variants including a broken state.)
    • 4 types of doors (+several variants including opened/closed states)
    • Several pieces of glass that works as debris and spikes.
  • Buildings:
    • 7 types of walls (with several colors and diagonal paths)
    • 2 types of roofs (different colors and textures)
    • 3 types of awnings (including a broken state)
    • 4 types of stairs (+several variants including vertical and diagonal paths)
    • 4+ types of signals (including arrows, street ads, a hotel sign...)
    • 5 types of fences (+several variants including different materials, broken states, balcony fences, etc)
    • Several floors and platforms (including vertical and diagonal paths, broken states, etc.)
    • Debris, background roof details, etc.
  • Vegetation:
    • A tree (allowing for several possibilities like different heights, several bushes formations, trunks without treetops, etc) 
    • Pots.
    • Bushes and grass.
  •  Props:
    • A car (+some variants including a broken state and different formations)
    • A bus stop.
    • 2 types of trash containers (+several variants such as opened and closed states, and trash that can be placed inside or outside the container)
    • A Coke vending machine, a Hot Dog stall, letter boxes, etc.
    • A Traffic Light (+several variants like green/yellow/red/off/opened states, different formations and the possibility of transforming them into street lights)
  • Shadows:
    • 75% and 50% opacity shadows that allow you to create a stronger 3D feeling in your scenes.

And much more...


Short Info: You can edit and use the assets for commercial products. You can't redistribute the assets directly or use them to make a logo/trademark.

Full Info: GameDev Market Pro Licence

About BLUE Pack Series

All my blue packs are compatible with each other. You can mix  them to create even more unique locations. The possibilities are almost endless. Play around with exteriors and interiors, different terrains, props, characters, environments, and much more. Create your own world and story!

How will you know if a pack is part of the BLUE series? Once downloaded, look at the footer color and text description at the bottom of each tileset sheet, there it is specified which of the series the pack belongs to.

A long list of BLUE packs are already in the works. Stay tuned!

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Get this asset pack and 7 more for $28.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
25% Off
$4.95 $3.71 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.71 USD. You will get access to the following files: 619 kB

Development log


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Are you up for a co-op bundle to join? Roaring Summer Bundle -

Hi Ansel!

Thanks for the interest, but at the moment we are really busy trying to release new content.

Hopefully we can do something together in the future! 
😃 🤜🤛

Hi! I really love your assset pack! But I’m facing some problems with it when I try to import them on Godot. Can you make all these changes for the mega bundle assset. To make it easier for import on godot?

Hi! Thank you for your kind words about our asset pack :)

Let's try to help you out :) As our Tilesets are prepared, you should be able to use them without any issue. Godot has tools for using Tilesets and creating Tilemaps:

Our Tilesets come in png format, adapted to a 16x16px grid. We're not sure what could be preventing you from implementing it, as it's really a standardized system. If you continue to have problems with implementation and believe it's due to our Tilesets, please don't hesitate to explain the issue in detail here or at our email: contact [at]


These are so good I can't way to see what new ones you make! I used this and a few other of your tileset asset packs in my latest game and it worked great! Thank you!


Hi Bobby VG! Thanks a lot for your kind words and for purchasing the assets and  the support!

Really soon we will release a new asset pack. Stay tuned! :D

is it 16x16?

Hi! Yes, the assets contained in this package are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid and they are designed to allow for a wide range of variants :)

Why is every good tileset for money T_T

XD Hi! Although it's not a tileset, we've released an animation asset pack that you might be interested in. It's 100% free! :)

Also, we just launched a Bundle with all the Tilesets at 25% off.


Hi! I made some modifications for your assets, how can I share them?

Hi! You can contact us and attach any modifications at contact(at) We will be happy to take a look at it :)


Hi! Thanks for sharing the assets tweaks. We have replied to your email too :) Cheers

is there more tilesets similar, but free? I want to recreate one of my old games

Hi! We will soon release a free character animation pack, but we have no plans for a free tileset pack yet, sorry. Just for your information, among others tileset packs, we're currently working on 'City Street Tileset Pack II', a tileset that connects perfectly with this one. We will also be creating bundles and discounts throughout the year. Hopefully this will help you in creating your games! :)

Deleted 1 year ago

I like this tileset! Can anyone recommend some character assets, free or paid, that fit this art style well? I have ZERO artistic ability so rely on you artists!

(1 edit)


We are glad that you like our tileset! 🤩 

We are developing at the moment the Characters Pack, but unfortunately is going slower than we expected, as we are developing a game too.

We are really hoping to have it by the end of the year though. It will fit perfectly with all our tilesets proportions and style 👌

Great pack, don't really need this but cant resist from this pack. Will definitely use this instead of my own. Will post my game after finished ^^> Great work!

Thanks! It would be awesome if you share your creations with us 🥰 We would love to see them! Thanks for purchasing our pack ✊🎮

Sweet, come up to your tutorial on domestika as well. 

:) I hope you find it interesting, useful and fun! Here we are in case you need any help. Cheers!

The pack is very straight forward. And our game is pretty simple so I can just use the example scene ^^! Great work.

Thanks! We're glad you liked and found it useful 🙌 Don't hesitate to share your creations with us, we love to see projects created using some of our assets. Cheers!

Hello! I love your art! I am new to videogame design, I discovered you through the 2D game design Domestika course, and now I have bought all of Daniel's Pixel Art courses and bought the interiors pack too! I have a couple of noob questions about two of the assets in the Street City pack. On the mp_cs_background files what are the dots and the big squares on the left of the tile set? and on mp_cs_shadows file how are those shadows implemented? Since I only see a Hexagon and a cut out of a hexagon? 

Love your work! Keep it up!

(2 edits)

Hi! Hope you are enjoying the courses! Here you have two GIFs to understand the functionality of those specific assets. I'm using the software Tiled on these examples but you can use other software if you want, you just need layers.

The dots are "stars", they work nicely when you fill the background with a dak color.

The dark squares are the minimum assets for creating buildings on the background horizon (the skyline). You have small details (placed right above the squares) that will make the building look more dynamic and more like actual distant buildings.

Here you have an example of how to use those stars and the skyline squares:

Shadows can be used in many ways, you just have to take care of placing the layer that contains them in the correct hierarchy. Here you  see how easily you can add some depth and volume by adding shadows to the wall of a simple house. This will help the player to "read" the ground:

Sorry for the low quality of the GIFs. Hope they help! We will try to share a full developed post with tips and tricks using our tilesets :)


Hello, I love this asset. and wait for next pack.

but.. when?

(1 edit)

Hi! We're glad you liked it. We assume that you have checked already our other two packs: "House Interiors" and "Forest". If not, take a look as all of them are compatible with each other :)

Related our upcoming packs, we have planned to release first a character animation pack (free), and after it a "Horror Mansion" pack. We have already done their designs but putting them into the world takes some to time. We will notify when in our socials and here through emailing. It will be soon!

Thanks for your interest and patience! Cheers

hello, any sales soon?

Hi! Sorry for the delay. We're planning a bundle for Black Friday, including the packs already released, plus another one that is coming :)

Hi! I have purchased this tileset and want to make character like in your instagram page. Could you tell which color palette you used to make him? Or Whic you used to make this tileset?

Hi! The colors used are mostly from endesga-64: 


We are finishing a free pack that is planned to be released early next month. It includes a male/female character with all the basics animations: waiting, talk, walk, run, jump, pick up item, climb, etc.

Letting you know in case you are interested, it will be released very soon 🙂👍

Thanks for using our assets! Hope you find them useful.  


Thanks for Reply! Will this pack include shot or attack animation?

(1 edit)

Yes, and damage :)

Awesome! I'm Waiting it so much!
I like your style ;)

Me encantó este tileset, lo acabo de comprar y estoy muy emocionado con las posibilidades. Me encantaría poder ver más ejemplos de cómo usar este tileset

¡Hola, David! Muchas gracias :) Por supuesto, vamos a incluir más ejemplos, lo notificaremos mediante un post en esta comunidad. Y además muy pronto actualizaremos el tileset con algunos elementos mejorados y otros añadidos. 

Estamos apunto de lanzar más packs compatibles todos entre sí, esperamos que disfrutes creando con ellos.

Para cualquier duda, no dudes en contactarnos. ¡Saludos!

Hiii... may be a dumb question, but where is the top of the tree? 

(1 edit)

Hi! The top of the tree is not there because the full tree is done by using the bottom part flipped vertically.

So, if you put that bottom part you see in the tileset, also above, but flipped vertically, you have the full tree as a result.

You can actually make a big tree, or an small tree, using more or less of those tiles, it is easily extendible. And, at the same time, the bushes you see in the example screenshots are made using aswell those tree vegetation tiles. It is very versatile :)

Hope this solved your question! If not, please don't hesitate to ask for further info. Cheers!

Me encantan tus assets como tus sprites y me siento con suerte de poder usarlos en mi video juego en el curso de domestika de Juan Diego pero por desgracia no tengo los medios para comprar el pack completo pero enserio alguna vez quisiera tener es habilidad

hola, sinceramente estoy impactado con la calidad de tus sprites, son increibles y muy bien dibujados, lamentablemente por ahora no puedo comprar tus asests, pero queria decirte que los hacer genial pd : vengo de tu curso en domestika, eres muy bueno, sigue asi

(1 edit)

¡Gracias! Me alegro mucho de que te gusten :) Sacaremos en el futuro algún bundle especial con estos assets y quizás ahí se ajusten a tus posibilidades y necesidades ;) ¡Saludos!

(1 edit)

I bought this and it’s great and versatile, good job. I like the art style but I have an issue with the small sized 16x16 as I made a custom sprite that’s kind of a higher res and when doubling up everything I realized I might need to resize and then revamp this entire tilesets  collection (including the interiors pack) to fit with the sprite.Mock Up

The Tilesets where doubled up in size but the sprite is in single pixels.

Hi! Thanks for buying the pack :) I see the issue, I would suggest to not use those high-res characters, these tilesets were made to create games with less resolutions, like the characters you see in Celeste (the game), or something near those visuals.

We are working hard to have ready a pack of characters for you to use, fully animated.

You can see briefly how they work in our city tilesets here:

This example show characters also around that resolution:

A solution is to make that character a bit smaller and low-res. Then it will fit perfectly :) Sorry for the inconveniences. We will work to have the character pack 100% ready soon!

PS. We are thinking about including a base character for reference in all our Tileset packs aswell. Updates soon!

Voy a comprar esto!!!!!!

(1 edit)


(2 edits)

I purchased the bundle. Love the style of this asset pack. When are you planning to release the rest of the Blue series? Also will it have the interior of buildings such as malls, retail stores, restaurants, etc. to compliment the city street tileset pack? Thank you.

Edit - Forgot to ask, will you also add characters for your Blue series?


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, to all. We are working on it, we plan to produce a lot of new (blue) after summer, starting next month actually. 

We have some characters already done but still need a bit of polishment and some new additions.

A a summary: expect more packs and content very soon :) You can count with it.


Deleted 272 days ago

Hi! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :) The font is based on a Google Font called Titillium Web. It's not 100% the same, but it's a pixel art variation of that font. I have not plans to release that font in particular, sorry.  Hope the answer helps you in some way. Cheers!

This is great. Can you make an update please to add more vehicles and the vehicles that headed right?

Ok, noted! I have planned in the future a full vehicle pack, with tons of them, also animated.

What are exactly your needs related to the vehicles: more variety (trucks, motorcycles, etc)? Or just color changes?

Btw, I think is easy to flip the vehicle in your engine, tilesets usually tries to optimize the possibilities to avoid filling spritesheets with repeated assets. Try it and let me know if flipping them works for you :)

Thanks for the kind words and interest!

That's great! I really love your packs. It suits with my needs and really helps with my game development progress :D Will buy your next pack if it's released!

I need some big vehicle like trucks with trailer or 4x4 offroad car, something like that. I think it would be  cool if you add this  to the update!

Yeah, i'm already try to flip it but i think it's kinda weird cause the angle are different. i tried to redraw it but its hard haha. 

Ah I see! The angle would change a bit, yep. Ok, now this is on my backlog! I'm glad you like the packs, I've a long list of them to be released this year :)

Thanks! Can't wait for another update :D


Hi, I cant buy it using my credit card, same card i used before here at itch.  There is something wrong with itch since i can buy from other websites with same card.

Mmm That's weird! I think itchio tech support  could solve that problem. 

Or maybe your credit card is being checked by your bank. Banks from time to time check online shopping processes for security reasons. Happened to me and a call solved it.

I hope it gets solved. Good luck!

wow this i am gonna buy, make more its great!!

Hi! I'm so glad you like it :) And yes, more packs are coming!
Next: A House Interiors Tileset Pack ;) 

Hi! Do you will update more set soon?

Hi! Yes, I'm working on an extension of this pack that will be added for free and also on a brand new pack with interiors for this city ;)

You can check the work in progress of some of these packs in my twitch:

Thanks for your interest. Cheers!

Thanks, I already bought, Waiting for new update.

(2 edits)

Some character sprites that match, would be much appreciated.

Edit:Nice,Interior update looking good.Looking forward to it's release.

Hi! I'm currently working on a character pack that will fit perfectly with these environments :) I plan to share a substantial part of it for free (a full animated character). Thanks for your comment!

Very nice looking tileset!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)