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A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The assets contained in this package are arranged in sheets with a 16x16 grid and they are designed to allow for a wide range of variants. This pack, and the rest of the same BLUE series, are compatible with each other and will be updated with extra content from time to time for free once purchased.

Compatible Packs:

📺 House Interiors Tileset Pack

More to come...

Perfectly suited for:

  • Cinematic platformer
  • Action platformer
  • Point-and-click
  • Graphic adventure
  • Story driven by exploration
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Beat-em-up

Tileset Pack Content

This tileset comes in .PNG format and includes 6 tileset sheets:

  • Background:
    • 3 types of background, skyline, stars and colored clouds (suited for day, afternoon and night moods)
  • Doors & Windows:
    • 5 types of windows (+several variants including a broken state.)
    • 4 types of doors (+several variants including opened/closed states)
    • Several pieces of glass that works as debris and spikes.
  • Buildings:
    • 7 types of walls (with several colors and diagonal paths)
    • 2 types of roofs (different colors and textures)
    • 3 types of awnings (including a broken state)
    • 4 types of stairs (+several variants including vertical and diagonal paths)
    • 4+ types of signals (including arrows, street ads, a hotel sign...)
    • 5 types of fences (+several variants including different materials, broken states, balcony fences, etc)
    • Several floors and platforms (including vertical and diagonal paths, broken states, etc.)
    • Debris, background roof details, etc.
  • Vegetation:
    • A tree (allowing for several possibilities like different heights, several bushes formations, trunks without treetops, etc) 
    • Pots.
    • Bushes and grass.
  •  Props:
    • A car (+some variants including a broken state and different formations)
    • A bus stop.
    • 2 types of trash containers (+several variants such as opened and closed states, and trash that can be placed inside or outside the container)
    • A Coke vending machine, a Hot Dog stall, letter boxes, etc.
    • A Traffic Light (+several variants like green/yellow/red/off/opened states, different formations and the possibility of transforming them into street lights)
  • Shadows:
    • 75% and 50% opacity shadows that allow you to create a stronger 3D feeling in your scenes.

And much more...


Short Info: You can edit and use the assets for commercial products. You can't redistribute the assets directly or use them to make a logo/trademark.

Full Info: GameDev Market Pro Licence

About BLUE Pack Series

All my blue packs are compatible with each other. You can mix  them to create even more unique locations. The possibilities are almost endless. Play around with exteriors and interiors, different terrains, props, characters, environments, and much more. Create your own world and story!

How will you know if a pack is part of the BLUE series? Once downloaded, look at the footer color and text description at the bottom of each tileset sheet, there it is specified which of the series the pack belongs to.

A long list of BLUE packs are already in the works. Stay tuned!


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Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $12 USD. You will get access to the following files:

mp_city_street_tileset_pack_v1.0.zip 619 kB

Development log


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This is great. Can you make an update please to add more vehicles and the vehicles that headed right?

Ok, noted! I have planned in the future a full vehicle pack, with tons of them, also animated.

What are exactly your needs related to the vehicles: more variety (trucks, motorcycles, etc)? Or just color changes?

Btw, I think is easy to flip the vehicle in your engine, tilesets usually tries to optimize the possibilities to avoid filling spritesheets with repeated assets. Try it and let me know if flipping them works for you :)

Thanks for the kind words and interest!

That's great! I really love your packs. It suits with my needs and really helps with my game development progress :D Will buy your next pack if it's released!

I need some big vehicle like trucks with trailer or 4x4 offroad car, something like that. I think it would be  cool if you add this  to the update!

Yeah, i'm already try to flip it but i think it's kinda weird cause the angle are different. i tried to redraw it but its hard haha. 

Ah I see! The angle would change a bit, yep. Ok, now this is on my backlog! I'm glad you like the packs, I've a long list of them to be released this year :)

Thanks! Can't wait for another update :D


Hi, I cant buy it using my credit card, same card i used before here at itch.  There is something wrong with itch since i can buy from other websites with same card.

Mmm That's weird! I think itchio tech support  could solve that problem. 

Or maybe your credit card is being checked by your bank. Banks from time to time check online shopping processes for security reasons. Happened to me and a call solved it.

I hope it gets solved. Good luck!

wow this i am gonna buy, make more its great!!

Hi! I'm so glad you like it :) And yes, more packs are coming!
Next: A House Interiors Tileset Pack ;) 

Hi! Do you will update more set soon?

Hi! Yes, I'm working on an extension of this pack that will be added for free and also on a brand new pack with interiors for this city ;)

You can check the work in progress of some of these packs in my twitch: twitch.tv/muchopixels

Thanks for your interest. Cheers!

Thanks, I already bought, Waiting for new update.

(2 edits)

Some character sprites that match, would be much appreciated.

Edit:Nice,Interior update looking good.Looking forward to it's release.

Hi! I'm currently working on a character pack that will fit perfectly with these environments :) I plan to share a substantial part of it for free (a full animated character). Thanks for your comment!

Very nice looking tileset!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)